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A serial entrepreneur, human rights activist and international lawyer with decades of global experience focused on leveraging technology to disrupt traditionally inefficient and non-transparent global ecosystems.

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Help Wanted: Hiring, Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery in the Global Economy

Labor brokers – middlemen in the recruitment, hiring and/or management of laborers – operate at the core of the global economy. Complex supply chains necessitate levels of coordination and expertise that are not easily found within a given company because the challenges are spread out over multiple countries and time zones, and work forces are in many instances comprised of workers from far-flung lands. Companies turn to labor brokers to manage many of these challenges, but the increasing use of labor brokers brings with it troubling issues of fragmented and opaque social accountability. For workers, labor brokerage increases migration and job acquisition costs and the risk of serious exploitation, including slavery.”

United Nations: The Role of Recruitment Fees and Abusive and Fraudulent Recruitment Practices of Recruitment Agencies in Trafficking in Persons

“The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between recruitment fees and other abusive and fraudulent practices of recruitment agencies and trafficking in persons, with a particular focus on criminal justice measures to address this relationship”


“Every year thousands of people expelled from Asia and Africa cross Latin America looking for the north like swallows disoriented by an altered climate. Along the way, the already painful journey of these extraordinary human beings is made unnecessarily difficult by almost all governments, who put them at constant risk. This collaborative, cross-border investigation tells the story of their passage through our countries”

Fraudulent labour brokers fleece migrant workers in Bangladesh and Nepal

“Thousands of Bangladeshi and Nepali migrant workers each year are paying unlicensed labour brokers – some linked to organised crime groups – large sums of money for travel documents and employment papers on the false promise of lucrative jobs in the Gulf, Africa and Malaysia.”

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